Beginnings, Endings and the In-Betweens

February 25, 2023 Yadira Ruiz

Let's talk business...

Beginning today, you can sign up for 2023 Canners and Planners, our version of a CSA! Details here. The deadline this year is March 31.

Our hiatus is coming to an end. We'll be resuming harvest on Monday March 6th. Thank you for your patience while we gave plants time to grow and recover. It's been a mixed bag of results. We'll have salad mix when we return but the kales and blue collards still aren't looking so great. They got the one-two punch of a high water table and freezing conditions. Keep your eyes peeled for the produce list on Saturday March 4th to see what made a full recovery. 

We chatted with Meg not long ago and it looks like she's going to keep a smaller flock for at least the next year. Hooray! In case you haven't noticed, we've decided that we can't count eggs towards the $10 delivery minimum anymore. We started consigning Megs Eggs during the pandemic and our minimal mark-up makes it cost prohibitive when folks order just a dozen eggs plus a three dollar item, even with the $1 delivery fee. It only pencils out for us if folks actually order $10 in produce plus eggs on top of that. Of course, if you need us to make an exception, please reach out.

And now, let's celebrate a momentous occasion...

Today is Nate's 10 year Sunbow-versary! He landed here on February 25th, 2013, the photo above was taken that year in April. If you missed last week's blog, please take a minute to check it out and see for yourself just how much of an impact he's made at this farm. If you've had the pleasure of shooting the breeze with him, you know how much he loves this phase of life and how lucky we are to have him.

The top photo was taken in the early years. Nate was elated by the success of over-wintering cabbage inside a hoop house during what had been a very cold and snowy winter. The house collapsed under the weight of the snow, the bottom photo shows the spider leg shape of the bows that should have been in the shape of an arc. To give the plants a fighting chance, we put straw and black plastic pots on top of the baby cabbages inside and when Spring arrived, we were rewarded with gorgeous heads. 

In a more recent success, look at the size of that garlic! It came from a crop planted inside a hoop house on January 31, 2022. We saved the biggest heads for seed and planted it inside a greenhouse this week. You read that right, we planted garlic in mid-February! We've learned that in the Willamette Valley, you can plant garlic inside a protected environment in mid-late Winter and still get stellar results!

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