We do things a bit differently than other farms! It's okay if you don't understand and we're happy to clarify any confusion. Here's some highlights:

    • Our weekly newsletter arrives in your inbox to let you know what's available for the week. We also include announcements and important updates. 
    • You can place an order anytime after you get the newsetter but before the deadline of 6am Wednesday that week.
    • All orders are harvested on Wednesdays and only Wednesdays! 
    • If you miss the deadline, you can shop the self-service farm stand on Thursdays and Fridays between 3pm and Sunset
    • We only deliver once a week on Thursday mornings. 
    • Not all items on the list will be available at the farm stand, some items just don't hold up well

    Four ways to get our produce:

    • Shop online: Make your selections, type in any notes for us by opening your cart and looking for the notes function in the lower right side of the page, choose delivery or pick-up and choose your payment method.
      • Order by email: subscribe to our weekly newsletter, when it arrives in your inbox, review the produce list and and reply with:
        • the items and quantities you'd like.
        • your phone number in case we have any questions.
        • your choice of pickup or delivery. For delivery, you'll need to provide your address (scroll down to read more about each of these options)
      • Shop the farm stand: Open from 3pm-Sunset on Thursdays and Fridays 
      • Come to the Philomath Farmer's Market, Sundays June through October, at the Philomath Community Library (1050 Applegate St.)
        Our market room where you pick up orders and shop the farm stand

          Details about online store and email orders

          • All orders are harvested and processed on Wednesdays
          • Deadline to order is 6am Wednesday, if you aren't an early riser, set your own deadline for Tuesday evening or place your order right when you get the newsletter
          • If you are picking up at the farm, your order may be picked up between 3pm and sunset on Wednesday or Thursday between 8am and Sunset
          • If you've opted for delivery, please read the deliveries category below


          • Deliveries will be made on Thursday mornings between 7am and 10am
          • You must order on the online store or by email no later than 6am Wednesday mornings
          • The minimum for delivery is $15
          • There is a $1 delivery fee on top of your produce order
          • If you aren't sure about being home to bring your produce inside, please leave a cooler out for us
          • If you didn't pay online, please leave your payment in the cooler or somewhere visible to us
          • If we arrive at your doorstep before 9am, we will not be knocking to announce your produce arrival unless you request us to do so


          • Please do not block the entry/exit points in the driveway
          • You may park directly in front of the market room door
          • Please try to position your vehicle to allow others to come and go around the driveway loop