Oh deer...

October 20, 2018 Yadira Ruiz

I think we've all noticed the weather patterns seem different this year. We enjoyed a mild and drier than normal spring and prolonged summer. Now we are enjoying a glorious albeit dry autumn. At first glance we might rejoice at being able to enjoy the outdoors without donning our rainproof gear but it doesn't come without sacrifice. Here at the farm, the change in weather this year has meant heavy deer predation. We speculate that the greenery they normally eat dried up all too fast and they traveled closer to town where they found lush gardens. A few lucky deer made their home in our protective hedgerows and have made it very difficult for us to have certain crops available for you. All summer long they feasted on the tender green bean leaves and then started in on our lettuce crops. We thought we were clever when we covered the lettuce with cloth row cover, normally a deterrent. Then we started finding openings in the row cover and missing heads of lettuce. At first we thought the covers were getting snagged and ripping in the evening winds...sigh...if only. The deer, having feasted on a few lettuce heads before the cover went over them, figured out that all they had to do was stamp and scrape with their hooves and the heavily morning-dewed cloth tore open like gift wrap to reveal crisp and juicy lettuce. We lost our outdoor lettuce and valuable row cover which means we can't offer our salad mix until the indoor plants grow big enough to start cutting. It's disappointing to say the least. For farmers, losing a crop to predation can be costly, especially during this time of year when the light levels are fading and plants grow at a leisurely pace. We really hate to disappoint, we pride ourselves on providing you with all the goodness you'd like to have at your table but sometimes it's not enough. We hope you'll get creative and enjoy some of our other greens. Bruised kale salads are divine. Asian greens and mustards can help kick you out of your salad routine and into something new and exciting. Need ideas, give us a holler! We love to talk food.

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