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April 18, 2020 Yadira Ruiz

This week we want to appreciate Harry MacCormack and Cheri Clark, owners of Sunbow Farm where our business is based. Several years before we came to Sunbow, they started the email list and home delivery service model that we still use!  It's what has helped us rise to the occasion of sudden, higher demand. Making food available directly to households is a labor of love that Harry and Cheri have held in their hearts for a very long time. If you know them, please help us in thanking them for laying down such important groundwork.

Sunbow has been shining good fortune upon us in many ways. Nate and I met here! We were offered the opportunity to start our own business here and have met so many lively, passionate farm aficionados along the way. We are firm believers in contributing to our regional food system and partner up with fellow farmers when we can. Sometimes partnering means going in on a large seed order to save on seed and shipping costs, sometimes it means consigning high quality goods. Today we'd like to ask you to consider supporting other farms and local businesses that we support and believe in. If you can, tell them we referred you so they know how much we appreciate them.

If you are able, please check out the Corvallis Farmers Market. Diversity is key to a healthy ecosystem and we need our fellow farmers to be able to sustain themselves during this Covid crisis.

If you eat beef, please give Community Cow a try.  They deliver! We recently ordered a sampler box from them and are impressed by the high quality of the beef and their animal husbandry.  Their cows are 100% grass fed and finished. The cows are pastured on grass that hasn't been treated with any chemicals and you can taste the difference. If you haven't had grass pastured beef before, you might be surprised at the flavor. Mass produced beef is bland in comparison.

If you eat pork , we recommend our neighbors, Red Bird Acres. They are also offering home delivery. Here's a quote from their website: "We believe in farming practices that go beyond organic and take a holistic approach that respects and fosters the health of the land, the animals we care for and the people who eat our food.  Our livestock are raised using high-welfare, low-stress animal husbandry practices. We utilize a pasture-based, rotational grazing system for our animals and are Animal Welfare Approved."


If you eat poulty, our friends at Totum Farm are offering cuts of chicken for home delivery. Their slogan "Small Farm. Big Love" says so much about how they raise their animals and their way of life.

If you need gardening supplies we recommend Urban Ag Supply in downtown Albany. We recently found ourselves in need of soil thermometers and an irrigation timer. Instead of ordering online, we found both items at their store. They are offering curbside pick up!

While you're in Albany, treat yourself to delicious Thai food from Tone Thai. They are also offering modified curbside pick up, there's a table just outside the door.  It's a family owned restaurant and their food is delicious! We're growing Thai hot peppers for them to use later this summer.

We encourage you to buy from our regional seed growers, you may find they are overwhelmed with orders right now! If you have time to wait it out, we recommend seeds from Adaptive Seeds, Territorial Seeds, Wild Garden Seeds, we hope you'll check them out.

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