The warm up is over!

March 27, 2021 Yadira Ruiz

Haha, not the weather warm up! I'm referring to the warm up before the ultra marathon we call the "main season". We heard the starting gun go off last week and we're pacing ourselves for a big, amazing season. This year is different in so many ways, not the least of them being that we have a dear friend helping us with the work. Ayelet hails from Isreal and is trained professional dancer but somehow we got lucky enough to meet her in 2019 when she came to do work trade with us. We were able to hire her in October 2020 and are so glad to have her on board.

It's really something to be able to hand over big jobs to someone and have confidence that it will be done! I'm certain it'll be no time before we feel like we're buried in work and way behind schedule but thanks to having the extra hands, it hasn't happened yet! This week I even found time to plant some flowers around the house--just for fun! Those of you who pick up at the farm will see the fruits of that labor in June/July.

We've also been talking about what it would look like to open the Sunday farm stand this year...stay tuned for more info once we decide what to do!

The promise of warmer weather and longer days is made sweeter by having gotten our first round of the Pfizer vaccine this week. If you know of any agricultural workers, spread the word, we are now eligible in Benton County as well as many other counties in Oregon.



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