Farm Happenings

False Summer

April 24, 2021 Yadira Ruiz

Anyone who makes a living working outside will tell you, you can't count on the weather to do what the predictions say it will. Last week the predictions proved correct and it was unreasonably~er, I mean unseasonably hot for several days. When we planted the majority of our crops inside the hoop houses (fields are usually too cold and wet until May), we had no idea the "dry down" would come on so quickly. We seeded all manner of cool weather brassicas that are now in the compost heap because they bolted (started their reproductive cycle by setting blossoms and...

April? Already?

April 03, 2021 Yadira Ruiz

I'm not sure what happened to March, it was here a minute mantra lately has been "one foot in front of the other". All you can do when time is racing by is to just keep stepping. We know it's been tricky for some of you to remember that we don't do Friday harvests anymore. We are sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused but let me tell you, this change has been revolutionary for us! Last year the demand for our produce went up, A LOT. We found ourselves having to adjust and change our routines which...

The warm up is over!

March 27, 2021 Yadira Ruiz

Haha, not the weather warm up! I'm referring to the warm up before the ultra marathon we call the "main season". We heard the starting gun go off last week and we're pacing ourselves for a big, amazing season. This year is different in so many ways, not the least of them being that we have a dear friend helping us with the work. Ayelet hails from Isreal and is trained professional dancer but somehow we got lucky enough to meet her in 2019 when she came to do work trade with us. We were able to hire her in...

Spring 2021

March 20, 2021 Yadira Ruiz

It's finally happened! Spring Equinox is here. This past week our bodies were "talking to us" telling us, okay maybe shouting a little, that it's time to gear up and kick it into high gear. If you've looked around and noticed the trees, the length of the grass, the blossoms all around town, you may also have gotten the internal message recently. Perhaps you've gone out and started your garden prep or seeded your summer dreams. For us, it means we start waking up earlier and going inside later. I joked with a friend recently that part of me is...

Why we can't afford to be silent

June 06, 2020 Yadira Ruiz

What good does it do to nourish our bodies but not our minds? Today we invite you to feast your mind on the idea that our country can evolve into a place where our violent history is acknowledged and our hopeful future will involve meaningful change through conversations, community organizing, policy change and radical inner evolution.