Farm Happenings

On being connected

April 18, 2020 Yadira Ruiz

This week we want to appreciate Harry MacCormack and Cheri Clark, owners of Sunbow Farm where our business is based. Several years before we came to Sunbow, they started the email list and home delivery service model that we still use!  It's what has helped us rise to the occasion of sudden, higher demand. Making food available directly to households is a labor of love that Harry and Cheri have held in their hearts for a very long time. If you know them, please help us in thanking them for laying down such important groundwork. Sunbow has been shining good...

Megs Eggs

April 04, 2020 Yadira Ruiz

Being a small family run farm means we can engage with our peers in a ways that are meaningful to us. In these pandemic times we're looking around to see who needs a boost from a fellow farmer so when we got a call from Meg Shaughnessy asking if we could help distribute her eggs, we discussed and agreed that yes, this is exactly the kind of thing we love to do. Here's what Meg has to say about her eggs: Our hens arrive here on our farm as day-old chicks that we purchase from Jenks Hatchery, "America's Oldest Hatchery," right...

A few words on health and safety

March 21, 2020 Yadira Ruiz

For the last several years, our standard procedure has been to wear food safe gloves, frequently wash our hands, sanitize surfaces, and stay home when we're sick.  Having the privilege of growing fresh food puts us in a position of being extra sensitive to our health and how we handle harvesting, washing and packing. With the Covid pandemic we are making some additions to our protocols, we hope you'll join us in our efforts to mitigate exposure risks. Our work trade program is on pause. Nate and Yadira will be the only people handling crops at all stages of development...

The Glory of New Potatoes

May 04, 2019 Yadira Ruiz

The Glory of New Potatoes

Do you find yourself wondering why people get excited about new potatoes? Or maybe you feel like you missed the memo and aren't sure what the difference is between a new potato and well, a potato? You aren't alone! I wondered the same thing when I started exploring fresh locally grown food options. I also wondered why they were more expensive. Sometimes farmers are so busy with our daily chores that we forget to pass on what we learn and why we do things a certain way, like pricing. While I can't address everything here, I do want to sing...

2019 Planned Closures

April 13, 2019 Yadira Ruiz

We don't relish having to close but sometimes weary farmers need to take some time off to rest, spend time with family and as is the case for us this year, get married! General Farm Closures and Schedule Adjustments: July 2-9, closed for all farm business. Re-open on July 10 to resume business as usual. Monday July 15th, deliveries will happen between 1-3 pm.No change to on-farm pick-up. August 20-29th, closed for all farm business. Re-open on Friday August 30 to resume business as usual.